6 Best Calisthenics Exercises of All Times

Just because you’re unable to go to the gym for your regular workout session doesn’t mean you shouldn’t break a sweat every now and then.

Fortunately for you, there is a little thing called calisthenics exercises that can be performed pretty much anywhere, as long as there is adequate space to move around in. By utilizing some of the best bodyweight exercises and targeting a specific muscle group with each dip, squat, lunge, push-up, and more - it is possible to sculpt your body with basically no expense.

In this article, we have explained every nook and cranny behind some of the best calisthenics exercises out there so that you can hopefully start building muscle and strength faster than anticipated.

Here's a complete list of calisthenics exercises that will serve as a great addition to your workout plan.

What Are The Benefits Of Calisthenics?

There are a number of health benefits you can experience while performing Calisthenics exercises, such as:

  • An increase in muscle mass and tone. To build muscles, you will need to provide it with progressive resistance [1]. While you may only be able to go so far with bodyweight alone (sorry bodybuilders), but for beginners, you should be able to experience moderate muscle growth with certain calisthenics exercises because they're considered as one of the best testosterone boosting exercises.
  • Improved flexibility. As you get stronger, you will likely become more flexible in the process, too [2].
  • Weight loss and fat loss. This can occur in two ways. Firstly, as you work out, your resting metabolic rate may increase [3]. Secondly, any form of resistance training will cause your metabolism to stay raised long after the conclusion of the workout [4].
  • Increased endurance. A Calisthenics workout will involve performing multiple repetitions of the same exercise, without rest, until you are fatigued. As you recover from these workouts your strength will increase, you will experience muscle growth, and your overall fitness levels and endurance will improve too [5].


Exercise #1:Bodyweight Squat

The bodyweight squat is one of the most popular and effective calisthenics exercises on this list.

It works your lower body including your quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, and calves, as well as your abdominal muscles.


Exercise #2:Pistol Squat

The pistol squat is a much more advanced version of the bodyweight squat. In fact, it may be one of the hardest skills to learn, which requires an enviable level of focus, vertical balance, and proper form.

Unsurprisingly, this calisthenics exercise will work your lower body, particularly your hips, hamstrings, quadriceps, glutes, and calves.

The reason this is one of the more advanced body exercises is that it balances any strength deficiencies as you are isolating each side, plus it can help improve your range of motion, general flexibility, and stability.


Calisthenics training is a feasible and effective training solution to improve posture, strength and body composition without the use of any major training equipment.

- Ewan Thomas, Movement Specialist Professor, Università degli Studi di Palermo

Exercise #3:Lunges

Lunges are a popular choice for calisthenics a.k.a. bodyweight exercises. They are primarily used for training your legs, particularly your quads and glutes.

It is also used for training your hamstring muscles and calves.

While performing this calisthenics movement, your abdominals and lower back muscle groups will act as stabilizers.


Exercise #4:Push-Ups

There are 100’s of push-up variations you can try, it is also one of the most popular calisthenics exercises, with each variation able to target different parts of your upper body.

Typically a push-up will target your chest muscles (pectorals), shoulders (deltoids), your triceps, and the abdominals.


Exercise #5:Pull-Ups/Chin-Ups

Bodyweight exercises like pull-ups and chin-ups are a true test of upper body strength, and being able to knock out double figures of either is going to be nothing short of impressive.

The popular pull-up works your back muscles primarily, including your lats (latissimus dorsi), traps (trapezius), and delts (deltoids). They can also work your pecs and biceps depending on the variation you choose.

Chin-ups, on the other hand, are usually performed to build mass in your lats and biceps.

For pull-ups and chin-ups, you will need a securely mounted pull-up bar.



Exercise #6:Burpees

The burpee will train your entire body, while also giving you an intense cardio workout.

With every repetition performed, you will be working your arms, chest, legs, and abs. Just a few reps and you will be struggling, that I swear.

No wonder it is one of the most hated calisthenic exercises. It certainly does take skill but it is not impossible to learn.